2024 Impact Report

Impact Report


This year at Green Seal we dove deep into defining safer and more sustainable products. In a rapidly evolving marketplace, yesterday’s definition of leadership can be table stakes today. That’s why we are continuously learning, improving, and innovating to ensure our standards demand true leadership at every stage of the product lifecycle. 

Photograph of Doug Gatlin, Green Seal CEO
Doug Gatlin, Green Seal CEO

To illuminate the comprehensive nature of this work, this year we’ve grouped our actions under four elements of a green product: safer chemicals, responsible sourcing, manufacturing sustainability, and sustainable packaging.  

From eliminating PFAS from the supply chain, to defining sustainable sanitary paper, to accelerating

the transition to sustainable packaging, we are helping our customers stay ahead of the curve by raising the bar for products that are safer for people and the planet.

Photograph of Nancy Hersh, Green Seal Board Chair
Nancy Hersh, Green Seal Board Chair

Ultimately, this means that no matter which aisle people are shopping, our trusted certification mark helps them cut through the chaos to find products that meet truly comprehensive health and sustainability standards —from beginning to end.  

In this report, we are proud to highlight how, together with you, we are accelerating the transition to greater safety and sustainability in our workplaces, our homes – and our collective home planet.



Targeting Actions That Matter

Our standards ensure products meet truly comprehensive health and sustainability requirements — from beginning to end.  Here’s how Green Seal-certified products achieved impacts that matter in 2023.

  • Safer Chemicals
    9.8 million
    students and teachers protected fromtoxic chemicals/asthma triggers in 2023through their schools’ use of Green Seal-certified cleaning products.
  • Responsible Sourcing
    11.7 million
    metric tons of CO2 emissions saved by
    Green Seal-certified sanitary paper each year
    – the equivalent of taking
    2.8 million cars off the road.*
  • Manufacturing Sustainability
    30.5 billion
    gallons of water saved by
    Green Seal-certified sanitary paper products
    due to 100% recycled content.*
  • Sustainable Packaging
    192 million

    pounds of plastic
    saved by Green Seal-certified
    cleaning products each year.**

*Compared to conventional sanitary paper that uses 100% virgin fiber. Based on 2018-2023 manufacturer data
** Based on 2021, 2022, and 2023 data

Our Partnerships

  • Amazon/Climate Pledge Friendly
    Amazon/Climate Pledge Friendly
  • Booking.com
  • Ecomedes
  • Fitwel
  • Google Travel
    Google Travel
  • GSA
  • Healthy Schools Campaign
    Healthy Schools Campaign
  • HPDC
  • Wayfair
  • WELL
  • Whole Foods
    Whole Foods

Simplifying Sustainable


No matter which aisle you’re shopping, our trusted certification mark helps you cut through the chaos to make a safer, more sustainable choice for your home – and our collective home planet. Here’s how your choices made an impact in 2023.

Your Impacts

Laundry Care

960 kilowatt hours
Amount of electricity your household saves each year from choosing Green Seal-certified laundry detergent designed for cold-water use – enough to charge 82,758 smartphones.

Sanitary Paper

230 pounds
Amount of CO2 emissions you save by choosing Green Seal-certified 100% recycled toilet paper, reducing your carbon footprint by 70% compared to virgin paper.


757 grams
Amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) you avoid with each gallon of Green Seal-certified paint you choose, protecting your home from harmful chemicals and preserving local air quality.

A Seal Buyers Trust

federal, state, and local
purchasing policies
specify Green Seal
1.5 billion
square feet
of commercial space cleaned
daily by Green Seal-certified
cleaning service providers
certified products
(by SKU)

Countries with Green Seal-Certified Products and Services


Raising the Bar

We are committed to continuously learning, improving, and innovating to address the most intractable health and environmental challenges of our time. Here are initiatives we fostered in 2023 to keep our customers ahead of the curve on product sustainability.

Safer Chemicals


With growing evidence that thousands of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances pose a significant threat to human health and the environment, we further strengthened our leadership to address these hazardous “forever chemicals” by initiating a prohibition on PFAS in Green Seal-certified paints and coatings, floor care products, adhesives, and degreasers.

Learn More
Impact Report PFAS

Responsible Sourcing

Sanitary Paper

To address the climate change and deforestation impacts of paper products, Green Seal assembled leading brands, retailers, and purchasers to update Green Seal’s sanitary paper certification standard and align on meaningful sustainability leadership criteria and claims for both commercial and household products.  

Learn More
Impact Report sanitary paper

Trash Bags and Can Liners

To address the significant carbon and plastic pollution impacts of trash bags and can liners, we launched a certification program that empowers buyers to quickly identify more sustainable products.

Learn More
Impact Report trash bags

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging Program

With packaging waste an urgent and growing concern, we worked with leading producers, brands, and stakeholders to design a program to accelerate a global transition to sustainable packaging.

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Impact Report Sustainable Packaging Program

Celebrating Leadership

Only products that meet a high standard for protecting people and the planet can achieve our seal. We review every aspect of a product, from safer chemicals to responsible sourcing to manufacturing and packaging sustainability. Here’s how brands are making an impact with Green Seal.

Customer Spotlights

Newly Certified

We welcomed the following brands to the Green Seal community.

  • Advanced Building Maintenance, Inc.
    Advanced Building Maintenance, Inc.
  • Applied Chemistries Inc
    Applied Chemistries Inc
  • BioSecurity Technology
    BioSecurity Technology
  • Biotek Solutions LLC
    Biotek Solutions LLC
  • Blooming Facility LLC
    Blooming Facility LLC
  • Boston University
    Boston University
  • Bunzl Processor Division
    Bunzl Processor Division
  • ClaraVita Clean
    ClaraVita Clean
  • Complete Facility Services, LLC
    Complete Facility Services, LLC
  • Diversey India Hygiene Pvt Ltd
    Diversey India Hygiene Pvt Ltd
  • Duke University
    Duke University
  • EnviroWay Detergent Manufacturing Inc
    EnviroWay Detergent Manufacturing Inc
  • Fiori's Solutions
    Fiori's Solutions
  • Herwe Inc
    Herwe Inc
  • Hotel Terra Jackson Hole
    Hotel Terra Jackson Hole
  • Instant Power Corporation
    Instant Power Corporation
  • J.V. Cleaning Service
    J.V. Cleaning Service
  • JAT Holdings PLC
    JAT Holdings PLC
  • MicroShield 360
    MicroShield 360
  • Morcon
  • Nilfisk
  • Polikem S.A.S.
    Polikem S.A.S.
  • Pollock
  • Project Clean
    Project Clean
  • PYROCHILL Solutions, Inc.
    PYROCHILL Solutions, Inc.
  • Rutherford Solutions
    Rutherford Solutions
  • The Hilsinger Co.
    The Hilsinger Co.
  • Unified Solutions
    Unified Solutions

Newly Participating

The following brands and organizations have begun the process to certify their first product or service with Green Seal, demonstrating their commitment to meeting a high standard for protecting people and planet.
  • FemiCura HealthTech Pvt Ltd
    FemiCura HealthTech Pvt Ltd
  • Poseidonia Beach Hotel
    Poseidonia Beach Hotel
  • Seneca Building Maintenance Ltd
    Seneca Building Maintenance Ltd


Thank you to Green Seal’s Board of Directors for their support, guidance, and expertise. Learn about the members of our Board of Directors and our staff here.